(This is not the Original ManaPlus Client. The original site can be found here)

latest version:

Compile & Install

Dependencies | Linux & Mac | Windows
Compiling | Installer
Compiling from Source ( Git )


- SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, SDL_net, SDL_gfx
- libxml2 or pugixml or tinyxml2
- libcurl
- libpng
- zlib
- gettext ( optional [translation] )
- automake >= 1.9, CVS (for autopoint), autoconf
- libtool
- git

Linux & MacOSX

searching for packages:
apt-cache search thePackageYouNeed
(you can use any other package manager, depends on the distribution)

clone or download the source from gitlab:
git clone

installing the packages:
apt-get install thePackageYouNeed (-dev or -devel versions)

installing manaplus:


it is recommendet to use the Installer (there aren't any extern librarys needed)

download & install cygwin
follow the instructions and install the packages you need (-dev or -devel)

clone or download the source from gitlab:
git clone

installing manaplus:



Installer can be found here


AppImage can be found here


can be found... erm... nowhere?

If you have trouble compiling or installing the client, there are instructions in readme files, please read them first!
If you dont find an answer there, you can reach us on discord or ask in forums for help :)

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